Water, water everywhere

Declining sales brought Volvic to Landor. Facing fierce competition from a surfeit of bottled mineral waters available in Europe, the brand sought to strengthen its position and expand into new markets. The problem: Volvic had become generic and functional, offering up hydration when it had a much more explosive idea at its core.

Green is the new blue

To truly own the volcano, it needed to become iconic again. So we began by streamlining Volvic’s visual identity. A hyper-real, inimitable volcano became the brand’s cornerstone. The vibrant green of the volcano’s native foliage replaced the previous palette’s many colors. A fluid, rounded custom typeface and clear label gave Volvic a strong shelf presence, with the volcano more prominent than ever.

Own the volcano

Volvic needed to be loved again. How to do this? Inject emotion into the equation. We looked at what made Volvic unique: its volcano. Volvic is the only brand in the world that can claim ownership of such a dynamic source of water—and what it stands for: strength, longevity, endurance, purity, and nature.