Volkswagen’s inaugural new store concept, designed by Dalziel & Pow, uses “the joy of Volkswagen life” as its inspiration. Located in Bullring, this pioneering vision for automotive retailing connects consumers with the pleasures of car ownership.

The Bullring concept motivates a wide audience not only to engage with stories in-store and admire the brand’s innovations, but also to jump behind the wheel, get more out of their free time and live adventurously with Volkswagen.

Responding to shifting consumer attitudes and the demand for experience, Volkswagen’s store brings auto retail into a bustling shopping centre setting thatboasts an annual footfall of 36 million. Customers can seamlessly conduct everything from initial enquiries to the purchase of a new or pre-owned Volkswagen car in this inviting, interactive space.

The Bullring store vividly brings to life the benefits and joys of owning a Volkswagen vehicle, trading technical specifications for human connections and engaging storytelling. It connects over shared passions such as outdoor pursuits, extreme fitness and wanderlust.