Magus Brands, a California-based Limited Liability Company, commissioned me to create a Brand Visual Identity, including packaging designs and product photography for their selection of premium tea products. First in line of their products was MatchaSticks, a high quality Matcha Powder imported from Kagoshima, Japan. The common approach would be to make a Japanese look, but I wanted to stay true with what the biblical character Magus is all about. Magus is a priest, astrologer, one of the wise men, a traveller, an adventurer and considered to be a sorcerer or a magician from which the name “Magus” was derived from. These attributes are what inspired me to illustrate a whimsical floating steampunk ship that conveys adventure and imagination, with tea leaves among the clouds, depicting a magical world, being grinned which is the known process of how matcha powders are made.