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Emma watson lesbian kiss

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He was cursed, and this curse had brought sorrow on all those people who loved him, and maybe there was a chance for a miracle and a way for the curse to be lifted.

Oh come on, that's not a kiss you give to a friend, don't be ridiculous. Patricia heaton milf. Not this conversation again please, thank you. And if she at some point decides to talk about her sexuality in public, then that is her decision. Even if she did tell this stuff - you would still find something to hate about her. Emma watson lesbian kiss. I feel like smarter from all of you. And I'm not talking about normal negative comments, I'm talking about genuinely obnoxious ones like 'emma is pretty sneaky and quick to spread her legs to guys.

The trailer for Beauty and the Beast, which is one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year, was watched more than m times in its first 24 hours when it was released last year. Who is the husband of Emma Watson?

There is no excuse to lying or embellishing like emma does. I'm already on statcounter and didn't see anything to filter the IPs, will take another look.

It makes me want to find out more. Is Emma Watson hard to work with? Maybe she does have trouble finding long term relationship-type guys so she sticks to non-committed relationships.

We support her and she lies, that just hurts a bit, I don't care if it's stupid, I just feel that way. Sexy nude games online. Why would the press care about her kissing an old love from a year ago? I honestly don't know her well enough to say for sure, but I doubt it.

Emma watson lesbian kiss

My first comment is only a suggestion. Pic 4- Emma puts on "glasses" to disguise herself. Why is Emma Watson so sweet? Maybe some of her fans need to grow up to realize the reality of that notion and how emma plays this victim card to mask her guy crazy ways. They're still as misogynistic and disgusting as they were before.

I really believed her. We always support her whatever she does and now she lied. Knew it all along! He should have nothing to be afraid of if he's done nothing wrong, right Echee? I'm sorry but first she denys dating Goerge and then she takes pictures kissing him?

She has free time to travel after Potter promos and has said she will do so. You're the moderator of this site - you should be able to differentiate between what is a regular and justified negative comment, and one which will actually offend and hurt someone by reading it.

The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual.

If she told us everything about herself then she'd be no different than other actors who yammer on about their private lives to anyone who will listen.

One - Harry Potter star Rupert Grint said he was dreading his kissing scene with Emma Watson in the new movie as it's 'like kissing your sister'.

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I find that the only people who complain about disabled comments and 'lack of free speech' gimme a break are those who spend their days posting the nasty ones anyway.

Are you going to explain why you aren't moderating the offensive comments, like you said you would? Oh heck It doesn't matter. Would her being gay invalidate you?

I don't ffreakin care about her boyfriends. Free pics nice tits. She does not have to do that but she does. Katherine You scared me. So emma started talking about her love life that was her fault. Maybe she does have trouble finding long term relationship-type guys so she sticks to non-committed relationships. Emma watson lesbian kiss. They're slut-shaming her and it's obnoxious. Pic 4- Emma puts on "glasses" to disguise herself.

I'm not going to spell it out for you when it's right there in front of you. Some of us here suggested that she just put an ip tracker It IS possible on the blog so that she could easily check whether someone is using multiple accounts to spam up the comments - but she ignored it. Sugar rush lesbian. Beauty and the Beast: If its needed to save a life then yes but all other situations not at all. The last movie of the biggest movie franchise of all time!

She does great work and I wish her well. IMO, the kiss pics provide the illusion of kissing. Emma kissed a boy. I believe Emma went off on that long trip to Asia not soon after Glastonbury. Doubt they either care. Dominican republic girls fucking. I can't really understand. Does her being straight, or gay, make her any less or more attractive, any less or more intelligent, any lesser or greater a human being? In a few weeks the whole thing will begin to subside and it will just be a moot point anyway or should I say "mute" point to you.

She can be gay, bi, asexual, for all I care. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. If I were them I would deny it too.

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She is beautiful and intelligent and considering her history of activism I don't think she would feel she had to keep it a secret. George was teh lesser known in the relationship. Every celeb lies about their relationship status. Hd lesbian strapon videos. This page may be out of date. Emma watson lesbian kiss. I agree with Mimi. Girls learning to fuck Why was the post in which I told someone he has no right to call me stupid been removed? They liked each other but couldn't because their busy schedule stopped them from having a relationship.

Something like "Your comment is awaiting moderation". Dear Emma - you and Johnny Simmons may want to avoid photo booths this summer. You can have friends with benefits - it's not illegal.

I'm completely entitled to criticize when I see something wrong happening, Eden.

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