Gaufretería is a pastry shop that bakes treats the Belgian way.

Even though Belgium is not a short trip from Mexico, this bakery goes out of its way to get the right ingredients and the correct waffle maker for the creation of the perfect Gaufre. It is easy to distinguish an authentic Gaufre if you take notice of these attributes – its irregular shape, crunchiness, and shallower pockets.
The idea was to recreate an authentic experience, and that meant bringing a piece of Belgium to our pastry shop. The branding concept develops around a passport to Belgium, emphasizing the genuine flavor of Gaufretería’s waffle. The identity takes from the city’s architecture, the shapes of its buildings and common structures found . The wordmark evolves from a sans serif typography, with custom made serifs that make reference to the gothic details that are so representative of Belgium. The emblem is a recreated G that was designed using the waffle’s pockets as inspiration.