from Hennig-Olsen Ice Cream.

There’s a lot of ingredients that goes into building an ice cream brand.

DUGG is a series of fresh yoghurt ice cream and sorbet’s from the beloved Norwegian ice cream brand Hennig-Olsen. Originally launched as a healthier, low-fat option DUGG was being communicated as your typical alternative to the ordinary.
The challenge a couple years after the initial launch was that the DUGG brand didn´t manage to position itself as the better and healthier alternative as planned. Another major issue was that the DUGG branding had a very weak connection to the mother brand. It didn’t manage to create any synergy for the brand as a whole. Evidently something had to be done. Either change the brand name and start from scratch or do a total makeover. Obviously, we advised Hennig-Olsen to do the latter.
Our main challenge was to create a unique identity for the DUGG brand with a clear connection to the mother board. Secondly, we wanted to shift focus – from 0% fat and your typical health focus to highlight the extra high content of fruits, berries, and quality ingredients. From less is more, to more is better!