Discos Apaches is a new independent music label born in 2017 in Castelló de la Plana. It specializes in hardcore-punk and punk-rock genres and it will only release vinyl records. The label thinks of itself as an independent company as it will only work with underground bands that don’t seek commercial or mainstream success. Also, it will only work with Spain-based bands in order to boost the local underground scene.

As hardcore-punk is a music genre characterized by its simplicity, rawness, austerity and lack of arrangement, we used an equally sober and simple language only based on type and colour as a way of removing unnecessary elements. The chosen colour palette was also short with a prominence of black —as this is a colour that brings to mind concepts like the wax of vinyl records, leather jackets, night or the darkness of gig venues— and red —related to the skins of the Apache tribe members and also the the soil they live in—. In order to symbolise the energy, loudness and aggression of hardcore-punk sound, we decided to use type in large sizes and, in an attempt to represent its dynamism and speed, we decided to use complementary colours — black/white, blue/red — and colour gradients as a defining part of the company’s visual identity.
Discos Apaches’ visual identity results in a technical, modernist, timeless language that represents an update on the common identities of the classical hardcore-punk labels.