Creative Belgium Awards 2017
“Awards are for losers” said no winner ever. Coming off strong from our winning approach to the 2016 edition, Creative Belgium asked us to further develop and expand their brand’s communication by designing the campaign for the 2017 Creative Belgium Awards.
While the focus of last year’s event was mainly about installing the new brand, 2017 saw a return to the essence of the award ceremony: Gold fever, and all the necessary glamour and glitter that comes with it.
The new campaign was hinged on the concept of ‘Gold Diggers’, a term which can be hurled as an insult or worn as a badge of honour, and communicates strongly to both in- and outsiders of the advertising industry. This ambiguous balance between braggadocios hubris and tongue-in-cheek self-mockery provided us with great inspiration for application across a multitude of media, including print, social and motion.