From bean to bar chocolates has become more popular these days. What many don’t know, is that the best cacao for production of these chocolates is found in the Amazon forest, where the fruit is native. Besides some plantations in the north of Brazil the fruit also grows wild, thanks to the extremely fertile region bathed by the great Amazonian Rivers.
Brava Origem is a brand that emerges as an alternative in the manufacture of chocolates, taking advantage of the best Brazilian cacao for production under the concept of bean to bar, which consists of the involvement since production and harvest of cacao and its successive processes, all handcrafted, until the bar is ready to be sell.
In order to clarify the attributes of the brand and to distinguish its products from the common market, a process of construction of the name began (after a extensive market research) and later logo and visual identity. And in order to highlight the geographic origin on the packaging, the main touchpoint of the brand, abstract illustrations were developed with technique of ink on water, demonstrating the desynchronized form that the rivers does throughout the forest. This result is part of the project to complete the Graphic Design Bachelor’s Degree at the Federal University of Pelotas.