The gadget promoting the polish presence at the Astana EXPO 2017 was created as a result of a closed competition organized by the STGU (Association of Graphic Designers).

While preparing the answer to the challenge we took into account the deadline and budget. Finally we decided to put on a product that we are familiar with, and the possibility of its personalization, especially for the event Astana EXPO 2017, is very simple and broad.

Our proposal for gadget is a chocolate guide to Poland’s most important accomplishments. It consists of 3 parts, based on the program concept of Poland’s participation in Astana Expo 2017:

1.Smart history – The box of chocolates will show and familiarize the recipient with the social and economic changes that took place in Poland after 1989.
2. Smart energy – This chocolates will show how skillfully Poland combines traditional energy solutions with modern technological thinking and taking care of the environment. This is a important part of concept of the Polish Participation Program in Astana EXPO 2017.
3. Smart people – The third guide promotes the innovative achievements of Poles in the country and internationally.

An information brochure will be added to the set to introduce more facts about all three parts. All three guides together with the brochure create a comprehensive story about Poland, complementing the promotional and information activities of the polish pavilion in Astana EXPO 2017.

Each guide consists of 8 chocolates – 4 milk and 4 dark ones. Chocolate pictograms illustrate informations contained in the guide. The boxes also include a map of Poland, a translation into Russian and a ready-to-post postcard. All basic texts are in English. The formal aspect of the guide as a box of chocolates refers to the polish tradition of occasional gifts.